Change of any kind is never easy and, by our very nature, most of us tend to feel more comfortable when it is kept to a minimum. However, in the modern world, we can’t avoid it. Businesses constantly have to reorganize to keep ahead of the competition. Change is inevitable!

Such changes almost always have an impact on the company’s employees and nearly everyone will eventually find themselves in such a situation. Sometimes the change can be positive – opening new doors and creating opportunities for career development. On other occasions, it can lead to unwanted job changes, loss of opportunity, uncertainty about the future and sometimes loss of a job.

Just as a business has to make changes, individuals, as CEOs of their own careers, are sometimes forced to do so as well. If, maybe, your career is not developing as hoped or the work environment sours, you may feel the need to seek other opportunities.

We are here to help. We will assist you, on a confidential basis, in your search for that new or improved job. Can we guarantee to find it for you? No we can’t. However working with agencies is an important part of the much publicized “Networking" approach to finding new positions. While many permanent openings are advertised, there are also many that are “hidden" – never advertised by either a company or an agency. Clients, wishing to simplify the recruiting process, use organizations, such as ours, to help them find “Right Fit" candidates.

How do we do this? By getting to know and understand our candidates. If you choose to work with us, we will meet with you one-on-one to discuss every aspect of your job search. We need to understand what kinds of positions you are looking for, the shape and size of the company you would ideally like to work for and the type of work environment you feel you fit into. We will also discuss your career experiences to date. Armed with this information, the “Right Fit" phase can begin!

All information we receive from you is confidential. We will not, unless otherwise agreed with you, submit your details to any client without discussing it with you first.  We understand that while we may feel an opening is a “Right Fit" for you, there may be other factors such as salary or location that mean you would rather not be considered.

Best of all, this whole process is free! All we need from you is a small amount of your time to meet and discuss your job search.  Clients will pay any fees involved.

Having visited this site, we hope you would feel comfortable working with us. Since starting in 1996, we have created many long lasting relationships with individuals throughout Central Ohio and have enjoyed watching and, when necessary, helping many of them manage critical steps in the growth and development of their professional lives. We hope you will join them.

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