Since 1996, we have been assisting organizations of every size throughout Central Ohio meet their staffing needs in the Finance, Accounting and Administrative professional fields. We offer the following services to fill those needs.

TEMPORARY / CONTRACT STAFF – Professionals at all levels from Controller through clerical are available to fill your needs for assistance on projects, to cover for maternity or medical leaves or just to provide help at times where there is an extra heavy workload.

TEMP – TO – HIRE   - Over recent years, especially during times of higher unemployment and economic uncertainty, this method of hiring has become increasingly more popular, particularly at the junior staff and clerical support level. It has the following benefits:

  • Fills positions faster – As you haven’t yet fully committed to hiring the candidate on a full-time basis, it allows you time to see how they fit into your organization and whether they overcome any concerns you may have had over whether or not they were the “Right Fit".
  • Reduces pressure on other staff - Limits the amount of catch-up work that might be needed if a position remains empty for too long while you search for the “Right Fit" candidate on a permanent basis.
  • Reduces your hiring cost - As the candidate will not be receiving any benefits from you during the contract period, this expense reduction helps offset the cost of using outside services.
  • Zero or Reduced Conversion Fees – If the candidate works the pre-agreed number of hours then you can make them a permanent member of your team for no additional cost. If, however, you decide to convert them earlier in the process, the conversion fee is reduced proportionally to the number of hours worked.

PERMANENT – Through years of experience filling permanent positions at all levels of staff, we know that ultimately every client is seeking the “Right Fit" candidate before making their final decision. This human element can never be properly conveyed in a job description or extracted from a resume. How often have you interviewed a candidate based on how you interpreted their resume only to be disappointed when you actually meet them? We are here to take away this frustration. We will work closely with you to understand your true needs, your organization and its style and what you really want to see in the candidates you interview. We will present only those that we feel are a potential “Right Fit" for you and, once you have made a hiring decision, we will back it up with a 100 day replacement guarantee.

As a team, we are committed to the “Right Fit" solution to meet our clients staffing needs and would welcome the opportunity to help you.

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